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Heidi England - Hill Country

To register for a Hill Country class, contact the HCAF (Hill Country Arts Foundation) in Ingram, TX at 830-367-5120.
For more information, contact Heidi at 281-358-616 or

Summer 2022 Classes

Week I
June 5 - 10
"Appenzeller Malerei", "Stollen Board", "Wall Angel", "Candlestick Day" (if time permits) HCAF at 830-367-5120 or Email visualarts@hcaf.com
Visit www.hcaf.com for Info
Heidi England 281-358-6126 Or heidi@heidiengland.com
Week II
June 12 - 17
"Merry-Go-Round", "Saint Catherine", "Spoon Day", "Cake Stand/Plate"
Week III
June 19 - 24
"Os Floral Bouquet", "Wall Pocket", "Family of Frogs Bench"

Fall 2022 Class

October 16 - 21
Ingram, Texas
Week IV - Fall Class
"Our Holy Family" Cross, "Turkey Gobbler"
HCAF 830-367-5120 or www.hcaf.com
Heidi England 281-358-6126 or email